Mortgage Lender Subject to Fees and Injunctive Relief Following State Examination

On February 27, 2015, the Massachusetts Division of Banks and the mortgage lender agreed to a consent order following an examination into a mortgage lender’s level of compliance with applicable Massachusetts and federal statutes. The Massachusetts Division of Banks’ examination found that the bank was in substantial non-compliance with state and federal statutes, and regulations governing the conduct of mortgage lenders in Massachusetts. As a result of the examination findings, the bank was required under the consent order to (1) ensure it would not conduct business from an unapproved office and would pay $5,000 in administrative fees for business activity at an unapproved location; (2) would expand its independent audits; (4) monitor the distribution of mortgage lending, and focus on loans in low- and moderate- income census tracts; (5) provide notices at the time of denial pursuant to Massachusetts law; and (6) provide privacy protection information. The lender also agreed to provide written status updates to the Division of Banks.